Detailed structural designs and comprehensive risk profiles arm us with the insights we need to conduct delicate yet critical work in a safe and highly efficient manner, and allow us to operate in challenging or unusual environments. By understanding the inherent risks involved in any given task we can create contingency plans as and when necessary, ensuring our projects never become the victim of unforeseen delays and/or budget blow-outs.  We’re not prone to construction errors and we expect nothing less than a ‘zero-failure’ rate from ourselves and those we work alongside.

Hunter Civil

Precast and Insitu Concrete Works

Our capacity to manufacture precast components either in our own yard or onsite, including bridge deck units, pre cast piles, and monolithic manhole units help us provide rapid, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Hunter Civil

Earthquake Strengthening and Repairs

Since 4 September 2010 we’ve been involved in a wide array of both temporary and permanent repair work ranging from propping and demolition to roofing, piling and reinforced concrete foundations. 

Hunter Civil

Bridge Construction

Encompassing everything from precast wingwall and deck units through to abutment repairs and modifications, our team have unparalleled skill when it comes to designing, executing and managing vital bridging work.

Hunter Civil

Concrete Repairs

When it comes to the maintenance and/or repair of concrete there really is no room for error, which is why clients come to us to maintain their industrial, traffic, waste water and marine structures.

Projects using Reinforced Concrete Construction And Foundation Systems

Rangiora Aeration Basin

The Contract Works involved the construction of a new earth wastewater treatment aeration basin at the Rangiora Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The site was an active wastewater treatment plant and the contract works were carried out at the same time as other significant construction works to construct a new inlet pump station and screening channel.

Existing pipelines had to be protected and remain live throughout the period of the contract works. Temporary bypassing pumping and pipework was required to maintain a live network/plant.

Voelas Rd Inlet

Hunter Civil undertook the upgrade of an old brick barrel inlet structure in Lyttleton. The project invloved delicate excavation around the existing brick barrel, complex formwork to achieve the curved shape for the new inlet, and management of flow into the existing inlet.

The project was completed in 4 weeks, exactly on time and within the client's budget.

Darfield Skatepark Completed Work

SDC Skate Park Upgrades

Hunter Civil constructed extensions to the Leeston and Darfield skateparks for the Selwyn District Council at the request of the community. Both skate parks included a significant amount of flat areas, and several features including quarter pipes, wedges, hubbas and skateable seats. The project was carried out by an experienced crew in 8 weeks. It was delivered on time, budget and exceeded the client's expectations.

Radcliffe Culvert Extension

This project involved the extension of the existing historical culvert while working around live traffic and preserving a historical arch. One of the biggest challenges to this was carrying out work with heavy plant, while maintaining a live road as this was the only heavy haulage route in and out of Lyttleton.

Moore St Pump Station

A new wastewater pump station was constructed in Kaiapoi. The project involved a 5.8m deep, 2.5m wetwell construction in a high water table environment within the Kaiapoi Red Zone. The construction method included an 8m deep sheetpiled cofferdam, wellpoint dewatering, PE pipe welding laying. All of this was done while working around existing services.
Moorehouse Bridge Abutment Wingwall

Moorehouse Overbridge Strengthening and Repairs

Hunter Civil was subcontracted by Downer to undertake this vital SCIRT project in 2015. The project involved pouring over 200 tonnes of concrete, fixing over 35 tons of reinforcement, and the use of a wide range of skills and techniques to pour self leveling concrete overhead and in difficult access areas under the bridge.


Hunter Civil

Invercargill Skate Park

This project involved the removal of the existing skatepark, the installation of a new drainage system; a new lighting and power system to enable night time use of the skate park and new CCTV facilities.

Ouruhia Radio Mast

Ouruhia Radio Mast Foundation Remediation

Following the September and February Canterbury Earthquakes, the 137m high radio mast foundations settled significantly and rotated. This was a consequence of lateral ground spreading and liquefaction.  The remedial work required stabilisation of the 48 tonne mast and re-tensioning of the guy rope system.

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